What is the Trending Topics Network?

The Trending Topics Network is a podcast network that features shows from a number of categories with hosts in The US, the UK and Canada. We cover subjects such as movies, wrestling, video games, the Eurovision Song Contest, the NFL, the CFL and so much more…

We are always looking to expand the network, especially with new shows that cover different subject matter from out existing offering. So, if you have a podcast and need a new home, or have a great idea for a new podcast, please get in touch:

Farewell DSJNP

DSJNP merged with the Trending Topics Network. All of the DSJNP back catalogue has been added to the Trending Topics Network library so that you can access all of your favourite shows including early episodes of the European Uppercut when it was the Second Shift, Cerebral Satire before they branched out on their own and The Rasslekast while it was still the Wrestlecast!!

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