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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 27: “Hell On Earth Of A Show (Review)”

Wrestling Cheers: ” Where Everyone Knows Your Name”

Justin (HeavyseT330) and Ed from Pod Van Dam (@PodVanDam) review AIW’s “Hell On Earth 13”. They also talk about Paige’s “Absolution, Ethan Page/Chandler Park, changing regular seats, who/what is next for “To Infinity And Beyond”, Favorite WWE/WWF merch, Thrift Store Jobber and SO MUCH MORE! 


Upcoming Events:

-OCW: A Very Buzzbin Christmas- 12/2

-PCW: Holiday Havoc- 12/2

-AIW: Wet Bandits- 12/15

-OCW: Miracle On S. Main St.- 12/16

-Mega Wrestling: Night Of Champions 19: 12/16

-AIW: Rulers of The World- 12/29


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All Beer Inside Episode 20 – Belgian Monk Jizz Pegging

@SAQCellier purchased Beer Tasting
Science: Drinking Really Does Improve Your Foreign Language Skills
AI comes up with insane craft beer names
Beer Kickstarter Projects (Brew Bracket)
Another Karp Beerventure (The All-Day Adventure)

Staring @killerkarpediem, @damountie, @jdimey, Mix Master Phil & C-Money (Charlie eventually shows up)

Outro: Crazy Town – Only When I’m Drunk

STFU Episode 48 – Shower speakers, and Tiny Drills!

On this week’s show, The platonic Duo discuss Home Renos, exploding belts, bad product ideas, and escaping a car in water!

Intro: Independent Women – Destiny’s Child 
Outro: Hugs – Lonely Island 
Sponsor: Waffle Master 3000

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Atomic Fizz Soda Pop – Tim and Tom Episode 7

Tim and Tom interview Tanner Master, President of Atomic Fizz Soda Pop about Kansas City’s hottest new soda and their unique flavor. Learn about a group of local teenagers used a group chat and entrepeneurial spirit to create something you’ve never tasted before! Also Tim and Tom talk about Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, chainsaws, Bobcats, field burning, gravel driveways, Charlie Rose, Louis C.K., sexual assault scandals, Tom Hanks, Mount Rushmore, Kid Rock, Marcus Peters, Donald Trump, Marshawn Lynch and so much more in this fun episode!


What’s On Fite Impact Wrestling BFG 17

​What’s On Fite, Mr. 4th Row, @Mister4thRow & Fin Fish, @FinFishSCU, watch, analyze, and fight their way through programming found on Fite TV app


On this episode, we review Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2017,

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