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SAT 210 – On The Road Again

Captain Awesome and T-Mac discuss all the latest news, results, and rumors of the world of professional wrestling. In their third segment, the NWL KC Champion Dak Draper returns to the show for a segment called Road Stories, where the Mile High Magnum shares some humorous tales from his travels up and down the road.


What’s On Fite Ep 42 In terview with RMP referee Joel Gestner

What’s On Fite, Mr. 4th Row @mister4throw & Fin Fish @finfishscu watch, analyze, and fight their way through all the great programming found on Fite TV app


On this episode, our sub-titled, ‘Who’s On Fite’ segment/episode we talk to Joel Gestner @biohazardx2 referee from Rocky Mountain Pro. 



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