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LUCHAT ep70 Chatting Lucha Underground S3 E20 titled ‘All Night Alone …Again

Fin Fish hosts episode 070 of LU-CHAT a podcast that chats all about Lucha Underground. The full recap and review of Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 20 titled ‘All Night Alone …Again’ Johnny Mundo takes on the Mac and it all night long match. Which Lucha Underground star was told to get bigger by the WWE  And some much more
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What’s On Fite Ep 35 L.A.W

What’s On Fite, Mr. 4th Row & Fin Fish watch, analyze, and fight their way through programming found on Fite TV app

On this episode, we review LAW Lucha Libre Supershow,

How super was the show?  How much Lucha Libre did we watch?  Listen in to find out.

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STFU Episode 23 – Yes Its Hard Right Now!


On this week’s show, Charlie has her own special guest while Old School is in Toronto to watch the Jays. But who could it be?

We search for phobias on after Charlie mentioned her fear.
Is anything worth giving up sex for?
Charlie swipes an unusual situation
And we have a special strictly platonic!

All Beer Inside Episode 15 – PANAMA!!!

Sour Beer Tasting
Teaching how to taste beer
Taco Bell serving Beer in Canada
Old School’s needs advice for a FWB situation
Canadian News Stories
Auto-Brewery Defence
Tournament of Hotness: Battle Babes Edition

Staring @killerkarpediem, @damountie, Mix Master Phil, C-Money & Cone

Outro – Panama by Van Halen

European Uppercut: Episode 136 – Extreme Intervention Required.

This week, Kai Valentine is once again all alone, as he tries to work out why he’s not had the drive to watch wrestling for almost a month, checks in with the news, reads your emails and ends up in quite a sarcastic mood which he felt was endeering at the time but has since realised makes him sound like a ponce.




SAT 201 – Turn Signals

This week, T-Mac is stressed out with work, moving, and run-ins with the law! But, that doesn’t stop him and Captain Awesome from covering the week’s news and rumors, making their sure-fire picks for Extreme Rules, and letting the fans voice their opinions through Tweet The Table!


European Uppercut Special: Interview with Fight Factory Wrestling’s Eliza Roux

Earlier this week, Kai Valentine had the opportunity to sit down with the Fight Factory Wrestling Ladies Champion Eliza Roux to chat about Eliza’s history as a wrestling fan, that infamous first training session, her experience’s with the Knight Family, having the opportunity to fight for the Impact Wrestling Knockout’s Championship and much more!




Rasslekast Live! – Episode 170

New Host?, New Format, Same Wrestling Talk!


RassleKast: “A Serious Discussion About The Non-Serious World Of Professional Wrestling”

Contact info:
Twitter & Instagram: @RassleKast

Select-A-Cart with Kai Valentine: Episode 4

This was one of the toughest radio shows I’ve ever hosted. Airing live on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at 10am on SIREN 107.3FM.

This episode is dedicated to those that were affected by the Manchester Terror Attacks a mere 12 hours earlier.